I witnessed a sight today, that made life seem worth living
that beyond the confines of the present,
there lies abundant joy
that I cannot even begin to comprehend

I saw a woman become a mother today
Her smile, when she looked at her beautiful baby girl,
is what pure happiness is made of

She looked divine, the mother
like an angel in communion with the heavens.
Serene, like the sun rising on a bright new day

She was perfect, the baby girl
With her tiny little toes and tiny little fingers
ten of each,
her head of matted black hair
and tiny fists clenched tight,
ready to hold the world in her grip

Childbirth could make even the atheist hope for a God
for in those moments, you want more than anything
to bring a healthy baby out,
and hand it to its mother,
its mortal creator

You want to see the smile on her face,
that makes her forget all her pain
The ethereal glow in the room
the colour of unadulterated happiness
The promise of unconditional love,
that is kept with no effort.
The bond of childbirth,
a connection a father can only ever dream of.

She was like a tiny little machine,
A Gift from God
Her umbilical cord, the little ribbon over the Gift.
And when she cried,
we all exhaled, not knowing when we had held our breath
The angelic machine was off to a start,
the first page of an unwritten book.



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